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MBA Candidates:

  • Show you’ve got what it takes: Successful completion of the MBA iQ conveys to admissions that you can handle the academic rigor of the MBA.
  • Hit the ground running: The MBA iQ gives you targeted training for the classroom so that you start the MBA prepared.
  • Maximize the value of your MBA: The MBA iQ increases the ROI on your MBA investment.

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MBA Programs:

  • Select the best: The MBA iQ demonstrates applicants’ readiness to succeed in your MBA program.
  • Assure performance: The MBA iQ provides targeted remediation where needed and yields candidates ready to start your MBA program prepared.
  • Demonstrate the value of your MBA: The MBA iQ preparation and screening increases the success of cohorts.

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Pre-MBA Courses

"The MBA iQ is a more gradual approach than taking the GMAT. I like this approach better. I’m not a fan of taking standardized tests. The MBA IQ got me in the right mindset of what to expect in the MBA classroom."

-- Steve, 2020 MBA Admit