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MBA iQ® maximizes the MBA ROI through academic readiness. 

MBA iQ is an online learning solution that builds core business knowledge, vocabulary, and analytical skills for MBA aspirants to maximize their tuition dollars by being academically ready on day-one for a rigorous business education.

With the MBA iQ, business schools can achieve an academically ready student body that is multi-dimensionally diverse – in undergraduate majors, professional industries, years of work experience, GMAT/GRE scores, geographies, and demographics.

MBA iQ was founded by Devi Vallabhaneni, whose life’s work is MBA Admissions & Readiness.



MBA iQ’s mission is very personal to Devi. She has used her own resources (time, ideas, relationships, course content, money, vision, and execution) to create the entire set of courses.

Her journey started with the wild notion of developing credentials for business managers, which became the subject of a Harvard Business School Case Study in 2006 for a Corporate Governance class. She then applied this concept to pre-MBAs. Can there be a standardized approach to preparing MBA aspirants from all backgrounds for the MBA classroom? The answer is YES.

MBA iQ started with a book published by John Wiley & Sons in 2009 and has evolved into a self-directed online course full of case studies, quizzes, and a high-stakes final exam. Because she is a mission-driven, she has taken the time to develop MBA iQ to make it truly effective.

Simultaneously, she worked with two prestigious educational organizations: The ACT and The Harvard Business School. For ACT, she was part of the team who developed its workforce development strategy, using the MBA iQ's curriculum as a blueprint. From 2013 to 2016, she was on the Harvard Business School Admissions Board where she helped with women’s outreach; interviewed prospective candidates in Boston, London, and Paris; worked on special projects for the Dean of Admissions; and advised on its testing strategy for its own pre-MBA program - CORe. She is currently a Senior Consultant and HBS Interviewer-in-Residence at mbaMission.

The first two business schools who integrated MBA iQ into its academic services and admissions are University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Penn State, respectively. The MBA iQ has been available for Booth students for 10 years as an academic resource for its students. For over five years, Penn State has replaced its 18-hours of MBA prerequisites with the MBA iQ, saving its students a year and nearly $17,000 in tuition before they even begin the MBA.

Because of the solid track record at these two MBA programs, she now feels confident that the MBA iQ is ready for a wider audience and create success stories for a greater number of MBA aspirants.