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Devi’s Story

Devi’s dad started writing accounting books and courses when she was in high school. A dutiful daughter, she helped him however she could – typing, editing, and even photocopying. Around the same time, she and her dad charted out her educational future on their kitchen chalkboard:

BS – Accountancy



She accomplished everything she set out to do!


After graduating at the top of her class in college and a global business career using her accounting and finance knowledge, she gained admissions into Harvard Business School. In her first semester, she helped tutored others in accounting and finance but had to be tutored herself in operations class. She struggled. It was the first time she struggled academically, so it shook her confidence. Her struggle alerted her to others’ academic struggles.


After business school, she pursued a career in retail and what would be the early stages of e-commerce. Then the bubble burst. She wanted to do ‘something real’, and to her, the most ‘real’ thing was education, so she joined her dad in developing business courses. It gave her the perfect environment to develop her hypothesis of a pre-MBA course that readies students for the rigor of the MBA classroom. What she didn’t know then was that she’d be the Goldilocks of MBA readiness:











Too Much: The first version of her pre-MBA program was too intense and cumbersome. It required 200-600 hours to complete and was very expensive. So she went to the drawing board…


Experimentation: As a result of her first prototype, she the experimented with different modes and formats: physical book, e-book, flashcards, in-person delivery, self-assessment, etc., learning the important components to combine.


Just Right: Today’s MBA iQ combines coaching, reading assignments, quizzes, self-reflection, and a final exam in a self-directed manner that acts as a substitute for traditional MBA pre-requisites.






There is passion, and then there is commitment. Devi believe the word passion is overused and has become generic, thus losing its meaning. The word commitment better describes Devi’s unrelenting search for the best combination of business knowledge, student experience, and relevance within the MBA program to convey the importance of MBA readiness.

MBA Admissions & MBA Readiness have become her life’s work.


Devi’s Bio

Devi’s personal mission is to help MBA aspirants start their MBA with their best foot forward. She believes confidence, especially in the classroom, translates to a more impactful MBA experience, which ultimately leads to a more enriching post-MBA career.

Having graduated with high honors from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BS in accountancy, Devi spent four years as a senior consultant with Arthur Andersen in the firm’s Chicago, Singapore, and Hong Kong offices before choosing to pursue her MBA. At HBS, she conducted information sessions for interested applicants and their families, sharing her personal experiences as a student and explaining all the MBA program has to offer.

After relocating to San Francisco to work for Gap, Inc., she continued to share her love and respect for her MBA alma mater by serving on panels as an alumna and speaking about her years in the program. Devi—who has passed both the CPA Exam and the CFA Level I Exam—then worked with her father for many years developing private-label business courses for colleges and universities. This experience became the subject of an HBS case study in 2006.


From 2013 to 2016, she was on the Harvard Business School Admissions Board where she helped with women’s outreach; interviewed prospective candidates in Boston, London, and Paris; worked on special projects for the Dean of Admissions; and advised on the testing strategy for Harvard Business School’s own readiness program – CORe.