How are you converting your investments in business education to employee performance?


Protect Your Tuition Investment
You can bring the future of an MBA to your employees right now. The Knowledge and Genius Series encompasses business acumen with or without a MBA. We call it an MBA because the MBA degree is the only container that embodies the hard skills of business. MBA iQ brings the acumen of business in a fast, low-cost, low-commitment way. Reserve MBA tuition dollars for people who demonstrate they’re ready for an MBA, they can handle the MBA. MBA tuition is a privilege not just a benefit. Accelerate your employees’ preparedness for the rigor, time commitments, and academics of an MBA. Fast start success with MBA iQ.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Tap into traditionally under-served and under-represented populations that don’t believe an MBA is within reach. Help them to create the knowledge-base for accelerating their careers and provide equitable opportunity to increase diversity in varying levels of your workforce. Inspire them with MBA iQ.

Accelerate Your Employees' Career Growth
Computer science, engineering, medical and educator preparation curricula are heavy on specialized knowledge, but light on business language including fundamentals of accounting, budget and finance. MBA iQ is the first step to career advancement into management.

Building Capacity for Analytical Managers
Everyone talks about problem-solving skills and analytical managers – the Problem Set builds upon the soft skills of the past by infusing the hard, quantitative skills present in the best business schools in the world.