Module 100: Management & The Business Environment

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With this module, you will learn the components of the environment in which business managers operate in both qualitative and quantitative aspects. These components apply to a wide variety of companies and industries. Topics are below.


Module 100: Management & The Business Environment 

The Business Organization

Business Organizations Defined

Organizational Lifecycle

Legal Structures

Organizational Strategies and Goals

Organizational Design & Structures

Organizational Change & Performance

Business Strategy

Strategic Management Process

Strategic Planning, Implementation, and Control

Competitive Strategies

Business Policy

Business Law & Ethics

Business Law

Business Ethics

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Managers, Leaders, and Teams

Management Functions

Managers' Styles, Skills, and Tools

Leadership Theories

Leaders' Powers & Tools

Business Skills & Competencies


Problem-Solving & Decision-Making

Communication & Negotiation

Conflict Management


Business Economics

Business Economics


Fiscal & Monetary Policy


Interest Rates & Inflation


Leading & Lagging Indicators 



Basic Statistics & Probabilities

Quantitative Methods

Decision-Making under Certainty & Risk

Decision-Making under Conflict or Competition

Forecasting Models

Statistical Process Control Methods