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Instead of spending a year’s worth of time they are spending 2-3 months at 10 hours a week of effort and are getting prepared in the way they need to be prepared. Students routinely tell us they feel prepared, and we see them doing well in the classroom. MBA iQ gives us a competitive edge."

-- Eric Robbins, Administrative Program Chair, MBA Program, Penn State Behrend

MBA iQ accelerates student readiness for success in the classroom.

It’s better to create readiness before matriculation than after. Once a student falls behind academically, it may be too late to intervene. MBA iQ delivers a simple, online, turnkey solution that:

  • Saves time, resources and costs of managing pre-enrollment competencies and foundational courses for incoming MBA students
  • Covers core business topics, vocabulary, and quantitative skills
  • Includes mini case studies with current corporate examples to make complex concepts relatable and engaging
  • Provides students the opportunity to continually gauge their knowledge and progress with unlimited quiz attempts ahead of completing the cumulative final exam.

The dirty little secret is that every school needs a pre-matriculation program. Schools can’t afford to create their own remediation program. With an outsourced and customized remediation program, you free up your admissions and teaching resources on the highest-value activities.

Time is a valuable resource.  In business, we talk “time to productivity.” How ready are your students to contribute on Day 1?   Do your professors spend too much time in remediation?  Are they maximizing their value-contribution to your MBA program?  

The team at MBA iQ provides one-on-one coaching for students to guarantee pass rates of 70% or better on the comprehensive final exam prior to matriculation. Learning analytics and student progress are reported to program administrators along with official scores indicating student readiness.

Learn from Penn State:

  • Since 2015, MBA iQ has been satisfying Penn State’s pre-enrollment competencies.
  • Eighteen (18) hours of pre-requisites were swapped for MBA iQ Modules 100, 200, and 300, saving students a year and over $17,000 in tuition.
  • The goal is to have MBA students be ready for graduate-level business classes on Day 1, maximizing their time, effort, and tuition.
  • Read more here of Penn State’s strategic use of the MBA iQ and pre-enrollment competencies to address the needs of students.

Your Readiness Solution:

Let's discuss the benefits of readiness for your program and students.
If you’re an MBA program and would like to learn more about how the MBA iQ can help with enrollment, admissions, readiness, pre-enrollment competencies, and matriculation, please complete this form to schedule a free consultation.