header image: Are you ready to be THE BEST in business school?

Everyone has the same goal —

to get the best experience from their MBA.

Earning the degree isn’t enough for all the goals you have.

MBA iQ Knowledge and Genius Series products prepare you for the long haul.
The MBA is a marathon for career development. But you don’t show up to a marathon without conditioning. Without training. Without knowing the language of the sport. 

The Knowledge Series prepares you to compete.  The Genius Series prepares you to compete at the Olympian-level.  By preparing beforehand, you are ready to shine in the classroom and prepare to be noticed.

Confidence in the classroom builds your reputation as the best. 
Impressions are formed in how you do in the classroom. Your reputation in the classroom provides you the networking and social capital for success with your professors and colleagues. Your personal reputation in the classroom, with employers, and your friends – it starts with knowledge.

Your knowledge allows you to contribute in the classroom and with your study group.  MBA iQ Knowledge Series creates confidence for the classroom.  MBA iQ Genius Series prepares you to excel with your study group. What are you ready to contribute?

Networking is not outside of you.  The best way to network is to be the person other people want to work with.  People know when someone is smart, when someone is prepared, and when someone is winging it.  We help those who want to be prepared. The people who are looking to switch careers, need to front-load their knowledge of the classroom to spend more time networking.


Based on conversations with previous registrants, the best chance of success is to plan on investing approximately 10 hours of effort each week for 2-3 months in order to complete all three modules.


"I completed the MBA iQ last year in 2018 when I intended to enroll at Penn State Behrend. I moved and wanted to attend an MBA program closer to my new home. I was able to use the MBA iQ to satisfy the pre-enrollment competencies at the new program too.

I was very pleased with the MBA iQ. As an engineering graduate, I’m interested in business systems. In my job, I’m in conversations with management about P&Ls and now have a deeper understanding of these topics after the MBA iQ. I was able to connect so many dots after the MBA iQ and put the concepts to use on my job. I was able to see things clicking even before being an MBA student.

At first, I was thinking of taking traditional courses to satisfy prerequisites – with instructors and in the classroom. I was apprehensive to an online alternative to traditional courses. In fact, the MBA iQ made me take more comfortable and confident with pursuing an online MBA. I thought I wanted a classroom MBA, and doing the MBA iQ, I was open to the idea of an online MBA. It gave me the confidence.

I see the MBA iQ and GMAT as separate things, but both are necessary for the MBA. The MBA iQ gave me a preview of what to expect. It lined up very well with the MBA curriculum. I had a much more enjoyable time studying for the MBA iQ than the GMAT because it was relevant to my job and the MBA."

 -- Jason, matriculating at Western Kentucky University in 2019


"I work as a psychologist in a medical setting and am increasingly accruing leadership responsibilities. I recognize that to excel in my role I need to be an adept clinician and possess business acumen. An MBA from Penn State will allow me to both thrive in my existing role and advance in my career, as many healthcare system leaders have MBAs.

The MBA iQ program was integral to my process of preparing to enter Penn State’s MBA program, as I am starting the program with doctoral-level training in psychology, but no formal business education and training. The most important elements of the MBA iQ program were the practice tests and Devi’s coaching. Devi offered me the right study strategies as needed and in a way that allowed me to finish the program smoothly and successfully. I also worked relentlessly to complete the program, as it was the most significant prerequisite that I had to complete and I did not want to jeopardize my program acceptance.

While I anticipate that starting Penn State’s MBA program will be a major adjustment and challenging, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to be pursuing an MBA and would not be able to do so without Devi’s guidance and the MBA iQ program."

--Sue, matriculating at Penn State