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MBA iQ 100: Management & The Business Environment

$175.00 - $250.00

This course provides an introduction to the qualitative and quantitative components of business environments. Before a business generates any revenue, it’s imperative to understand the context in which business operates. This includes business organization, strategy, law, ethics, economics and statistics. As companies grow, so do its ranks and people. You’ll likely evolve from an individual contributor to a manager and eventual leader. This course provides the framework and soft skills needed to effectively manage both teams and projects regardless of the industry or organization you come from. 

I work as a psychologist in a medical setting and am increasingly accruing leadership responsibilities. I recognize that to excel in my role I need to be an adept clinician and possess business acumen. -- Sue The numerous corporate examples had a two-prong effect. It breaks up the reading and assists in digesting the material by driving home concepts and helping you remember the main ones. I remember the Lego concept and the Walmart concept being particularly helpful. --Tom