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The Complete MBA iQ

$500.00 - $700.00

Business is a universal language. It doesn’t matter what industry you come from, there are fundamental tenets that every professional needs to master. Every business uses accounting. Every organization has operations. Every product or service needs marketing. Set yourself up for success by frontloading your learning with MBA iQ.

Our best-in-class courses cover Management and the Business Environment; Marketing and Operations; and Accounting and Finance. By frontloading your learning, you can start Day 1 of your MBA with the framework and tools to optimize your experience. 

The Complete MBA iQ is our most comprehensive product and includes MBA iQ 100, 200 and 300.

I have a colleague in another MBA program who is currently taking 18-hours of MBA prerequisites, most of which are the same courses in the MBA iQ. I was able to complete those same pre-requisites in far less time, at a fraction of the cost and at my own pace. --Dayna