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MBA iQ 300: Accounting & Finance

$175.00 - $250.00

So maybe math wasn’t your best subject in high school or undergrad. We understand that accounting and finance can be intimidating, and this course demystifies and simplifies complex topics in easily digestible concepts. This course will cover the foundations of financial accounting and finance so you know the difference between P&L and can tell which way is up on a financial statement (as well as a host of other quant-based topics so you can positively impact your organization’s financial health. 

I was very pleased with the MBA iQ. As an engineering graduate, I’m interested in business systems. In my job, I’m in conversations with management about P&Ls and now have a deeper understanding of these topics after the MBA iQ. I was able to connect so many dots after the MBA iQ and put the concepts to use on my job. I was able to see things clicking even before being an MBA student.

-- Jason